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1. Study and survey methods for remove Cockroaches in Wastewater collection system of Arak city

Composer: Abdoreza Khalili, Heshmatolla Abbasi, Hamed Asadi Ardali, Ashraf Ahmadlo


2. Survey of economical approaches opposition with water catastrophe with virtual water trend.

Composer: Abdoreza Khalili, Mohammad Mohebi, Farideh Ashori, Ashraf Ahmadlo


3. Feasibility of using the dried sludge by municipal wastewater treatment with activated sludge process.

Composer: Hamed Asadi Ardali


4.Prioritize quality of Arak city water ground via usage fuzzy model and GIS.

Composer: Abdoreza Khalili, Mohammad Reza Mohebi, Mohammad Mohebi

5. The relationships between microbial and parasitic parameters of stabilized sludge in wastewater treatment plants of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Iran.

Composer: Hamed Asadi Ardali


6. Survey of pseudomonas bacteria population in Arak city water distribution system

Composer: Salomeh kalantarri, Venous Soltani

7. A survey of dry sludge from the Activated sludge wastewater treatment plants in Iranian Cold Regions (A Case Study in Chaharmahal Va Bakhtiari Province).

Composer: Hamed Asadi Ardali


8.Survey of the relationships between heterotroph bacteria with turbidity and residual Chlorine in water storage and distribution system

Composer: Gholam Reza Ahmari, Salomeh kalantarri

9.Survey of drinking water disinfection system

Composer: Gholam Reza Ahmari, Shahram Khalili

10. Decrease Nitrate in drinking water with biological method on an external resource of arak city circuit

Composer: Gholam Reza Ahmari, Salomeh kalantarri


12. Survey of industrial sewage and their negative effects on biological environment of treatment plant

Composer: Ashraf Ahmadlo, Mansour Sar Lak


13. Biosystematics study of Rotifer in the northeastern of Markazi province of Iran

Composer: Ashraf Ahmadlo











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