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Operation of Saveh Sewage Treatment Plant

Operation of Saveh Sewage Treatment Plant

Operation of Saveh Sewage Treatment Plant Operation of Saveh wastewater system was inaugurated in the presence of Minister of Energy, Mr. Chit Chian on July 11, 2015. As reported by public relations office of the company, during inauguration the Minister Chit Chian said: sewage treatment system is a valuable service for protection of environment and public health of the citizens. And further stated that expansion of water and wastewater networks in addition to improvement of public health of the society, it prevents contamination of underground/subsurface water; and treated water from the plant can be utilized in agricultural and industrial sectors. He also emphasized on development of wastewater scheme in other cities in the province and declared that Markazi Province Water and Wastewater Company is ranking high in development and performing of sewage scheme in the country. He also pointed out that due to consecutive drought in the country, water resources are in critical conditions and the authorities are attempting to supply clean water to all fellow citizens. He further stated that tendering for supply of water to Saveh from kuchrey dam through foreign finance is on the way and by its implementation, good quality water will be supplied to Saveh network. Markazi Province Water and Wastewater Managing Director, Mr. Khalili said that the project cost at about 390 billion rials which includes construction of 35000 m3 capacity per day treatment plant serving 220000 people, execution of 56 km of network as well as connecting 2600 customers to the network and the technology is used in this treatment process is based on activated sludge with extended aeration. The participants also visited control room, laboratory and other sections of the plant. Saveh Treatment Plant Features Planning horizon at 2033 Population at design stage 220,000 persons Population at 2033 horizon 240,000 persons Wastewater per capita 170 l /aD Total designed modules 2 Treatment plant capacity 35,000 m3 /day BOD input 280 mg/l BOD output 20 mg/l Treatment plant area 18 Hect Type treatment Activated sludge with extended aeration Cost (Treatment plant construction) 255 billion rials Piping Specifications Collector (1200mm) 2/6 km Main wastewater network (315 -1000 mm) 21/6 km Sub-wastewater network (200-250 mm) 31/2 km Branch 2600 Cost (Network construction) 135 billion rials

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