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In 22 December 1990, with approval of the Islamic Consultative Assembly Honorable, Ministry of Energy establish a company in every province in accordance with amendment of urban Water & Wastewater Companies’ incorporation that was authorized by legislation of Islamic republic of Iran to control the previous Water Organizations and was changed into Markazi Water & Wastewater Company that the tasks of these companies are:

  1. Construction and operation of related facilities for distribution of cities water.
  2. Construction and operation of related facilities for collection and discharge and treatment of sewer with-in legal city limits of all cities in the province and also investments in other organizations, research and training in the related activities. Construction of plans on providing and transfer of water accordance to needs and power ministry agreements.

Therefore Markazi Province Water & Wastewater Company was established in 2 March 1992 and operations of all drinking water facilities in all of the cities of the Markazi province will only be in legal powers of this company.